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Join the Feed as a Service (FaaS) movement and unleash your creativity to give your animals the competitive edge they deserve. With Beehive Animal Feed, you have the advantage of having auto pilot consistent feed with unique formula that meets your animals' specific needs. Don't settle for generic animal feed - stand out from the crowd and take control of your animal's nutrition via pellet feed. Join the FaaS movement today and experience the difference that a consistent supply of pellet feed can make!

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Expertly formulated for healthy birds and abundant eggs.

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Elevate your herd's health and productivity.

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Expertly formulated for the health and productivity of all kinds of animals.

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BYOI from Beehive Animal Feed has been a game-changer for me as a livestock farmer. Customizing my animals' feed with my own secret ingredients has given me a competitive edge and my animals are thriving like never before.
Elizabeth Ansah

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Beehive Animal Feed's mixed feeds have transformed the health and productivity of my cattle. Their expertly formulated feed provides the perfect balance of essential nutrients for optimal milk production. I trust Beehive Animal Feed for the highest quality nutrition available for my livestock.
Eric Austin

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