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“Discover a New Level of Livestock Care with Beehive Animal Feed’s BYOI Subscription Program. Unleash the Power of Customization as You Bring Your Own Ingredients (BYOF) to Create Tailored Feed Formulations for Your Animals. Join a Community of Experts and Enthusiasts, Access Valuable Insights, and Craft Diets That Cater to Your Livestock’s Unique Needs. Elevate Your Approach to Animal Nutrition with Beehive’s BYOF Subscription.”


“BYOF Subscription: Customized Nourishment, Unmatched Savings. Elevate Your Care Now!”

25kg layer feed - $25.00

25kg broiler feed- $25.00

25kg Pig feed - $25.00

25kg Livestock feed(cattle, sheep & rabbit) - $25.00

broiler growth booster

Layer Egg booster

Cattle sheep growth booster

multivitamin soluble

pig growth booster


Features & Benefits

Subscribing to Beehive Animal Feed offers a wealth of resources and personalized support, enabling farmers to create top-quality custom feed blends that optimize livestock nutrition, boost animal health, and drive farm profitability



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