Layer Feed(25kg)


Cater to your laying hens’ needs with our premium Layer Feed. Specially formulated for optimal egg production, this feed contains high protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, promoting strong shells and healthy, prolific layers. Ensure top-notch egg quality and quantity with every meal.

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Layer feed is a specialized type of poultry feed designed for laying hens. It’s formulated to provide the essential nutrients and minerals necessary for consistent egg production. Key components include high protein levels for muscle and egg production, calcium for strong eggshells, vitamins, and minerals for overall health, amino acids like lysine and methionine, and sometimes omega-3 fatty acids for nutritional enrichment. Layer feed is available in various forms and does not contain added hormones. Its purpose is to ensure hens receive a balanced diet, promoting both egg quality and quantity while maintaining their well-being.

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